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Contributing to WordPress core

Recently, I started contributing to WordPress core. I’ve decided to hone my WordPress skills beyond writing WordPress plugins. Contributing code patches to core is exciting because they get scrutinized by some top notch programmers I admire, and if accepted, get used directly in WordPress. I’ve also been testing bugs and other people’s fixes when I […]

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Enforcing _blank target on external links

When training new clients on how to edit their own websites in wordpress, I often mention the convention of ‘targeting blank’ when linking to another website. Adding the ‘target=”_blank”‘ tag to the link opens a new window when the user clicks the link, leaving the client website open in the background . Still, I know […]

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Icemap – Icecast Streaming Server Geo-Ip Map

I did this programming project for my local public radio station, KVNF. The map sample is updated with every refresh, and a history is maintained and viewable.