User Admin Simplifier


User Admin Simplifier is a plugin for disabling administrative menus on a per user basis.

This plugin was designed with a single purpose – solving the following issue:

When turning over newly developed WordPress websites to clients, developers often want to give them Administrative capabilitiesĀ – they need to be able to edit pages & posts, change menus, perhaps add user; or they need access to some plugins designed for site Administrators.

However, even though these user are Administrators, there are still menus they don’t need access too, such as Links, Tools, Plugins & Settings.

Removing these unused menus from their view is an easy way to make the rest of the interface feel simpler & cleaner. Ā This plugin allows this control.

I realize there are other plugins that accomplish the same goal (such as Admin Menu Editor) or result (such as Role Scoper), but I wanted something simpler that just disabled menus on a per user basis. Also, I wanted to get some experience writing and publishing a WordPress plugin so I can practice my skills. I may consider adding submenu selection in a future version.


  • Choose a user to edit menus for that user
  • Select menu/submenu items to remove from user’s interface


  1. Install User Admin SimplifierĀ either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server
  2. That’s it. You’re ready to go!