Check Websites in Multiple Browsers

Web developers learn to work within the heterogeneous environment of the web – clients websites are used by visitors using various operating systems, and web browsers. Earthbound development environment is mac-based, but Windows users make up the majority of site visitors.

Website development requires careful testing of websites in multiple browsers. One way we to accomplish this is maintain multiple computers each running different operating systems for testing. More recently the in house approach has been maintaining multiple virtual machines – one for each browser that needs to be tested – especially Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.  But keeping these virtual machines running is challenging, so I was glad to discover a new tool for checking your website in multiple browsers without installing each operating system and browser on your computer. The website requires that you be running Windows and you need to install the extension, but once set up you can test your website in eleven different browser versions all from the comfort of your desktop.